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Nyjah Huston

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Everyone log onto DewTour.com and vote for @currencaples for the Toyota athelete of the year award!! Today is the last day to vote

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Nyjah Huston
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chase_zornes 1383089677
I wanna skate that ramp so bad
madstvor 1383091605
Sick s*** Ride hard my brothers
taytookyabitch_ 1383166276
Assshollee @nyjah_huston
rodrigo.gbg 1383257587
That ramp looks awesome!
og_jeezy 1383625669
Aye Nyjah what's going on
angel__espinoza 1383814087
Don't puss out in that game of skate in tranny next time man @nyjah_huston
sogbo 1384296217
Damn tslk about hang time
adriaanarauz 1385248411
@nyjah_huston yo nyjah man it would mean the world to me if you started following me
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