Photo from jamie_foy

This 4 weeks better fly by........ -_- #badsprain #cheesecakehubba #gonnabeguccifor #tampaam

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joshuaiacino 1383041636
Get well! ul be on that skate grind real soon my nigga
crislesh 1383595631
See ya there boy πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡
tafariwhitter 1384239255
Get well homie @jamie_foy
brandoschiff_ 1393965418
Yo man I'm in Mia on a trip from Philly. This was the only photo I could find hash tagged cheesecakehubba. I'm trying to skate this, could u comment back with some info on where it is. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
jamie_foy 1393966246
Its in boca like an hour north of miami
jamie_foy 1393979373
brandoschiff_ 1393987585
Thanks man... We found it, I appreciate it.
anna.oblock 1413852251
Why did they put you in a cast??
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