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Jones Snowboards

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#mindsurfmonday The Himalayas are holding. My head is still spinning from all the rideable spines I saw.#dreamlines #theshangrilaexpedition #jjoneshigher #ridemore #nepal

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Jones Snowboards
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jburge 1383005897
My word. @brodayo_drive
stephenrodebush 1383009594
Can't wait for #jjoneshigher, @jonessnowboards so sick, get at those spines man! & stay safe in them hills!!
liteprogear 1383028349
What? @jonessnowboards pow?
burly_surge 1383040609
robigonz 1383781489
Epic! Makes me miss home (AK)
_ctbooth 1384753931
Jones classifies himself as a pioneer... and no doubt that he has pioneered lines! but what about all those backcountry folks who've been pushing new zones with no budget and nobody holding their hands? Conrad is the man, but I almost expected Jones to be self sufficient enough to do it without outside help (guides/sherpas ). I love splitting and alpine climbing and believe it can really define character and work ethic. I don't preach sustainability but I fully support it, yet heli shots of splitboarding and advocating eco friendly boarding is tough to soak up when filming budget promotes otherwise... just my thoughts. regardless, lets build the love and share the passion! lets practice what we preach and involve all those around us willing to listen
tanneruntethered 1389080248
POW protect our winters
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