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Nyjah Huston

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Nyjah Huston
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austinmota 1385166898
Full-cab flip noseblunt! @nyjah_huston
sirmcwill 1385182875
Omg he does a switch frontside heel flip down this !! Fucking crazy cause I though Tommy Sandoval Frontside flip down the 20 was ridiculous. @nyjah_huston does a switch trick. So so proper !!
ryanpbloodworth 1385514804
Do a big spin front huracane!!! @nyjah_huston
ryanpbloodworth 1385514814
jamiebennett44 1385590340
@rylanshaver22 read the comments on this ahaha inward heel back lip?
lexipoo710 1385594018
Sick shit bro switch big heel was hands down greatest trick ever on that set u da man @nyjah_huston
yoboydblock 1386214959
Hahaha me too. @jamiebennett44 @rylanshaver22
ig_planetearth 1388084856
Switch bigspin heel
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