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Bryan Herman

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All these bros will be at Pharmacy Boardshop in Hollywood tonight at 6pm

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Bryan Herman
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lyserg404 1382817178
@skatenhustle yeah been off for a while now
elcannasseur 1382817290
Damn, who picked him up @lyserg404
skaten_alecks 1382817384
I wanted to go :( @goodfernie
lyserg404 1382817656
@skatenhustle noone.so hes doing some like indy board company called clay company @clay_company
clay_company 1382823718
@lyserg404 @clay_company is a clothing brand
skate_is_passion 1382830353
@skatenhustle no their doing the same to Devine that their doing to Anthony Pappalardo they are still on the team and they receive boards every month but they don't have any pro models
elcannasseur 1382832357
@skate_is_passion I thought he was still riding for chocolate
sparrowsk8s 1382832916
I thought this said Team Missing! Haha
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