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Keegan Sauder

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My bike. Stolen. Maple leaf emblem on head tube. Built by me. One of a kind. Campagnolo compact drive train. Our garage was robbed and other bikes missing to: andria's gazelle road bike. And her blue 'pan fried' Matt Feeny custom road bike, all campy stuff. Also my green bianchi with a Feeny rack up front. Andrias pan fried had a rack on back to. If found please kill the people that stole these bikes and hit me up! Thanks! Also stolen, my green 'hunter' mountain bike. And andria's green single speed.

camarobreath Instagram profile picture
Keegan Sauder
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thrill_of_j 1382807157
@camarobreath so shitty! I hope something turns up. I've been all paranoid since my house got broken into. It sucks. Good luck man
justsomedude 1382807891
superdelphi 1382810812
Stop already... I keep scrolling and it gets worse.
josephcharlton 1382816718
It'll turn up.
cientista 1382822256
Bummed on this. Sorry dude!
lorna_jv 1382828024
Sorry to hear. So shitty. Laney flea market.
jay 1382855799
Fuckers, so sorry to hear that.
tamneirbo 1382972159
-ah man, so gnarly. sorry to hear about that. will keep our eyes peeled @camarobreath
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