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Max Schaaf

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Awesome afternoon. Taught @ishod how to ride a motorcycle with a clutch so he and @jakedonnelly could re shoot the old real add of mark gonz and I from 15+ years ago. Of course they killed it and took it a step further but you'll have to wait and see! @realskateboards and @Jim thiebaud have such a good thing going. So proud to be a part of it since day one. #savages #youtakecareofthosethattookcareofyou #sincedayone #hugemotorcycle

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Max Schaaf
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ricky_andrew 1384493226
One of the coolest pics ever..
borntolurkftw 1385079690
What a trip to see the remake time flies!
shrewgy 1385333760
That's awesome,.I was trippin on how Ishod knew how to ride a 'sickle.
kevin_m_ryan 1386565345
@4q69 You're such a fucking rad dude!! Four Star Super Champion Fun Zone is my favorite video with you in it.
made_of_white 1388531702
Kh125? They had a weird air box/routing system through the upper cases but its a 2t isn't it so all's forgiven :-) @4q69
senorflaco 1390616895
It's interesting how memories grow in our minds. I thought for sure the dock you and Mark used was taller. When I asked Gabe he showed me the original photo. I'm blown away!
aldoyo 1396816774
kid_knee_stone 1413481794
When I saw this in real to reel I remember being really stoked. That vid still gets me stoked to go skate
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