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Here's the final @vansskate @vans ad running in all the latest mags. #rowleypro sequence @karpinsk

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Geoff Rowley
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elliotwhysall 1382730383
Fuck I woke up this morning waiting for the post to come with a pair of these and a new deck all because of a dream last night because you snapped my deck :/ when you're in Newcastle holla! @geoffrowley
geoffrowley 1382746320
Haha! That's nuts. Thanks for sharing. @elliotwhysall
motha_fuckits 1382776248
Should bring back the rowley squares! Maybe a slimmer version! That was by far the best vans shoe I've skated! Purchased it so many times. Haha just a thought...
ascending_matter 1383361742
@geoffrowley I smell plenty of blood in the water can't wait to see your decimation and proper style in the vans vid also what release date have you guys been shooting for
alfaaammm 1385303503
Fuck corporation company @geoffrowley
jazmeeancastro 1390785994
luvv these 🙌❤️
autjonomist 1397009406
@geoffrowley Please do more vegan color ways! Maybe with a gum sole?? Heal up soon!!! Cheers 🍻
gabrielyoneya 1400459726
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