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Max Schaaf

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To live and die in Brazil. Riding with these three guys @ara_v @joekingspeedshop @dklaj over the weekend. I have a new respect for anyone that rides in São Paulo... Beyond intense, like if New York City riding was a joint, the São Paulo one was dipped in pcp. We rode 5 hours to get to the mountains... 2 hours were spent on the freeways battling cars and "Moto boys" that ride like complete maniacs. Oh and I was two up on a 70's shovel bagger. Within 5 minutes I got cut off and skidded that pig 20ft missing a car by a hair. The experience was beyond repo man intensity, top5 of life. But who gets an opportunity like this. I'm so thankful. So thanks to them and @edu_mendes for the long distance friendship and all you did. I killed the bagger on the way home, and finished on an Evo chopper that felt as lite and nimble as an sr500. Thanks guys. I'll write a better story and put some photos on my blog. #biglooseengina #badgas #noshowjustride

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Max Schaaf
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nefarioustred 1382568809
4q69 1382576884
@sabrinagasperin deal! You guys can ride us through traffic!
karp_hcg 1382581523
one of my reasons 2 travel 2 sao paulo r those guys!! @4q69
mark_mool 1382675939
You write good dude. Always enjoy readin yer stuff.
jimprison 1382696416
bad mothrfuckr
photo_marques 1383334419
It's a Crazy experience, no @4q69 ? It's a pleasure a ride with you. Cya! 👊👊👊
shrewgy 1385333830
Umm, yeah you for sure took a huge risk on this! Thank God for your guides!!!
hrse666 1389829490
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