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Tony Hawk

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"Dear Tony Hawk, a long time ago on Madeira Beach, FL you skated a ramp and I got these incredible pictures of you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have over the years. Keep skating hard. Sincerely, Scott." Thanks Scott! My guess is 1988.

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Tony Hawk
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milesxclasen 1383133879
@jluke55 haha I've seen the video of you skating and trying to Ollie. If you can't Ollie I don't know how you would kickflip and Ollie onto a bench
sk8tella 1383214694
I can its my failed ollie
sk8tella 1383214768
@kansasskater it's my failed one
t_childress1 1383601246
Sun dance sk8 shop, Scott Conklin? @lander71
t_childress1 1383601253
lander71 1383610426
@tonyhawk I was there for sure
lander71 1383610469
@tampasportsperformance me and scott were both there.....
t_childress1 1383617109
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