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Tony Hawk

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This is Duane Peters watching Steve Caballero try the loop today. Steve was on his way until one attempt went awry and he got hurt. Same went for @tomschaar, but his injury was much worse (broken shoulder). I'm proud of both of them for committing; this thing is no joke. Congrats to Jaws & Josh @jahstafford.

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Tony Hawk
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lurivera2729 1382394908
kenzieolrich 1382401637
Flying bird
kenzieolrich 1382401677
It's a plane it's a dog no it's tony halk 😋
anna_mau5 1383118898
king_5flyyjameed 1384646135
Awh ok @flyymotion_pics1
hypnoticlovely 1385094526
Dangerous profession but Im sure u loveee it!
22stevow 1388746402
Saw video of this
midorimsi 1398736181
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