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Tony Hawk

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We built this loop in 1995 for an Airwalk ad. It was inspired by a picture I saw of Duane Peters when I first started skating. This was my first "make" although I didn't quite make the exit. To date, 18 people have done a straight loop, and a few more night get added today. Good luck boys... keep your shoulders straight and don't look too far ahead. Just remember it's a carve, not a trick. I'll see you at 12 o'clock (literally & figuratively).

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Tony Hawk
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kenzieolrich 1382401725
domhemingwayx 1382402662
Could you give me a shoutout please? I'm trying to get my pictures known haha. :)
louisvl62 1382403210
Hahahaha 12 o clock! Got it!!
ashea409 1382408107
Ik this is a slim chance but could u give me a shout out please
ashea409 1382408130
ansomana3 1382645863
I want to try itt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring a loop to lake county Florida please
dr_iscolll215 1383675505
@ed_guischard an Airwalk ad. I'm tellin u something's good with Airwalks. Everybody trashes them
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