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So who's skated corona park with @joe_kelly_jr ? @shecks did he really beat u in a game of skate?

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Billy Marks
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rothdigga 1381961374
Saw that too. They claimed his big tricks are "360 kickflips and benihanas" whoa bro...careful what you claim.
limondirt 1381962115
Damn the rail was still there! Haha
relentlessthreat 1381962130
Haha yea I saw that. I was like why is there some kid launching out of a quarter pipe on during the dodger game? Haha
billy_marks 1381962306
bri_con 1381962507
Heh heh, he did a rocket air
transskatergal 1381963238
That park? Man...its been a long time since I was there. 10-11 years now...wow...
guruofskate 1381984434
That was definitely a long time ago with the death rail and all huh?@billy_marks
guruofskate 1381984514
Hahaha @melvingonzalezz that's exactly what I was thinking
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