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Billy Marks riding a 8.1" x 31.25" Colin Provost pro model Toy machine skateboard, Thunder 145 titanium light trucks, Pig 52mm wheels, Bones swiss bearings, Bones hard bushings, Good Not Great washers, 7/8 Allen bolts and Mob Griptape. @billy_marks

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Ronnie Creager
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stevejones19 1381876554
@cupofsteez_ @jasonhawk_810 Cole explained it perfectly. Riding a narrower truck like that makes it easier to balance 50's on round stuff. That way when you lock in, even though you are against the wheels, you're still somewhat closer to the middle of the board.
kevinpolizzi_ 1381880805
That's a sick board!
mkingbeh 1381883759
@jasonhawk_810 watch out though, can make your board unstable when flipping it. main reason why I went straight 8 w 8'' trucks instead of a 7.88 board w either 7.75 or 8'' trucks. the change in physics does make it interesting. a lot of my homies skate an 8.18 w 8 trucks
_justinsa 1381907732
The real size is 8.375 I think some 8.3
dtalgh 1385541834
Aren't 145s for 8>?!? Isn't this a 8.1? He should be riding 147 HI @billy_marks
billy_marks 1385546072
@dtalgh maybe you're riding the wrong set up
davidavid.ca 1385928756
dtalgh 1386906024
@billy_marks I don't know. I ride the Gunmetal ones and they said so
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