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Neil Richards

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Seagull at Tatton Moor lake #bread #feed #fly #seagull #Tatton #TattonMoor #knutsford #lake

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Neil Richards
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websitesarelovely 1326730758
And it's a black headed gull (as I have been informed on Twitter)
ericacacaca 1326733727
Ooh I'm saving up for a canon 550d!
dailyaviator 1326734205
@websitesarelovely @ericacacaca I have chosen the 550 over the newer 600 because it's cheaper. And I love it. Just added a 50mm 1:1,4 lens. Lenses are even more important than the body. The seagull is amazing, what a freaky move.
enormhepcat 1326742321
Yeah... Great! 😄
thelittlehouseshop 1326747536
Have you taken this shot with an I phone or an actual camera ?
websitesarelovely 1326747817
@houseknutsford with my iPhone, whilst holding a piece of bread (I'm multi-talented!)
websitesarelovely 1326748170
@dailyaviator @ericacacaca I love the 550D, I upgraded from a 400D and the controls are similar, but so much better. I want to use the video function more, with the right lens and fast speed memory card, it can produce some amazing footage.
dailyaviator 1326784830
@websitesarelovely @ericacacaca I haven't used the video function yet. But friends of mine made a) am music video and b) a short movie with it and I was surprised by the looks. The only disadvantage for the 550 against the 50 series is the missing autofocus for video. That means you need either the steadiest hand in the world to move focal sharpness during the take or you have to chose a video style with much blur or a lot of scenes with fixed stand.
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