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3rd unique piece just in time for #BMXnet - The Circadia is a sub-dermal device engineered by Grindhouse Wetware and in collaboration with Steve Haworth. The current implant has several features, including a RN-42 IC bluetooth module, a temperature sensor, four LEDs, and an ATMega328P as it's main processor. This allows the Circadia to record body temperature and send the information to its user's phone via bluetooth and display various modes such as charging or debugging with on-board LEDS that shine through the skin. #bodymodification #bodymod #bodmod #stevehaworth #bme #silicone #subdermal #implants #modify #modified #modification #subdermalimplants #siliconeimplants #shs #h2ocean #loyalty4life #MandiBloodGirl #grindhouse

steve_haworth Instagram profile picture
Steve Haworth
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sincitymodified 1381530576
I want it !
mandi_haworth 1381530991
@tobiasxva no it is not just a lithium battery.
tobiasxva 1381532783
According to the specifications sheet for the battery, it is in fact just a lithium ion cell, rated for small electronics use not including implantation or constant exposure to temperatures akin to the human body, do you have more information that contradicts this? I am very curious, but also cautious.
steve_haworth 1381534336
For electronic questions you can speak with Lucas and Tim with Grindhouse Wetware. GrindhouseWetware.com
modifieyed 1381534630
So cool I love LEDs lighting up under my skin. Awesome
chaiatcalm 1381539287
This is insane old friend. I must have one. 😊
Amazing! @steve_haworth
dfc_309 1437185572
@steve_haworth Can you purchase those implants?
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