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Frontside 1 Footed Carves around this Pump Track feel great. #carving #skatelife #skateboarding #danmacfarlane #skateordie #fun #arcskateparks #mentalityskateboards

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Dan MacFarlane
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danmacfarlane 1381500624
@mitch2gnar it was in the George R Brown convention center in Houston, at a tradeshow
csuter 1381508345
Is this at ASr
danmacfarlane 1381524489
@csuter it looks like it but it was at a Parks and Recreation convention in Houston this Tuesday and Wednesday.
grandwarlock333 1381526243
That's pretty sick @danmacfarlane !!! I'd love something like that in my basement. Do the corners sit flush with the ground? Or is it all raised totally off the floor?
grandwarlock333 1381526498
...sorry, I see now. It would be cool if they did so you could ride the corners back and fourth across the floor...and a bit of coping across the top. :)
danmacfarlane 1381533717
Yeah @grandwarlock333 American Ramp Company says they can make a concrete one for skateboarding. This one was for bikes. It is made of a grippy surface so you can't grind or slide it.
grandwarlock333 1381536619
10-4 @danmacfarlane
danmacfarlane 1381556787
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