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Rob Meronek

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Today I was just north of Atlanta with @theboardr crew @porpe and @rtclem to check out this skatepark that closed last year in July and do an evaluation and recon mission for one of our clients. It sure made us all miss this game. You think we should get back in?

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Rob Meronek
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getajobskateboards 1381500124
That was my local park we all miss it!
flashkube 1381540109
Closed by tea pary gov shutstorm 210
flashkube 1381540125
daniel_br0wn 1383435370
Please open it back up, skaters from around here (north GA) have nothing to really skate, especially in the winter. We don't care how expensive the fees will be, it's the best park in the southeast!
_carsonsnow 1383447719
Use to be my home park. It was so sad when it shutdown. But literally one of the best parks out there. OPEN IT UP!!! @meronek @theboardr @porpe @rtclem
meronek 1383447781
@daniel_br0wn @carsonlybbert man I hope. We will see...
meronek 1383447815
@yeajonmann hope our paths cross soon!
that_black_hawkeye 1383448535
@meronek just like @carsonlybbert and @daniel_br0wn that park was my home away from home
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