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John Rattray

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I can assure you that my boy @hyenaface ' switch 5050 is around 1000 times hotter and meatier than the hottest, meatiest, dish I'll be bringing to the Cold War pot luck. At this point I'm more of a sorbet that might cleanse the palette between the meat courses. I hope you like meat, followed by sorbet, followed by meat #coldwariscoming PS the meat I speak of is the living, breathing, sweating, switch 5050ing, kinked-rail grinding, gap-skating human meat you know as @zeroskateboards Note: there are vegetarian options available but be warned, they are very VERY spicy--->@tomkarangelov

ratt_ray Instagram profile picture
John Rattray
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crasswolf 1381337373
Fucking rad! @hyenaface
matthew_k_barry 1381337628
Quit being so modest John. We love watching you skate
thischarmingdan_ 1381338270
@ratt_ray you are indeed the thinking man's pro skater
johngooomez 1381338614
@johnnyapplesteed hope you are enjoying this while 💩
garretthill 1381343456
I think that's the best caption I've ever read for a photo...
justsomedude 1381344586
Hahaha this is amazing
francoisgrand 1381345161
Ever tried apricot sorbet with apricot schnapps? It is well good. Might have that when I'll have my own Cold War premiere!
philchea 1381374097
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