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Lizard King

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GO PLEDGE FOR MY FRIEND SHE RULES AND KILLZ LIFE AS AN AMAZING Www.pledgemusic.com/projects/nicoleatkinsARTIST/PERSON!!!!!!! @nicoleleeatkins πŸ’œπŸ’š

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Lizard King
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codalove 1381260788
She has my friends last name
bigbizliz 1381261273
kerimcankjgoren 1381261282
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK COOL THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thewoozel 1381262449
@codalove I don't believe you
nicoleatkins 1381262567
Thanks @bigbizliz you amazing flying squirrel! ❀️
karbonkalamity 1381272522
@nickolasadkins on tour, right?
nickolasadkins 1381272588
@karbonkalamity I think you may be confused. Then again, perhaps not.
karbonkalamity 1381272745
@nickolasadkins I knew you were up to something. I notice those shoulders anywhere, lol
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