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Sky Ferreira

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Night Time,My Time 10/29/13

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Sky Ferreira
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hoaxist 1381691230
erinjbrookes 1381861495
This album is gonna be amazing omg
hoaxist 1382228444
@zumx I need this song ASAP it sounds orgasmic
viciousteen 1382320691
@heavymetalheartt I can't breathe from this one I think this will be my fav track but I know @skyferreira did an awesome job at this album ! She's gonna make it huge
spanglishpapi 1382320955
@666slater I KNOW! It's truly shows how talented she is that she hasn't even had a full album yet and still has a billion fans, i truly love her @skyferreira
viciousteen 1382321165
I know I've been a fan for 2 years since I heard obsessions and she's always blown me away me, you and her probably have the same excitement has for the album lmfaooo @heavymetalheartt
jessicacan_t 1383671742
john.ford 1388731837
Those are the ps3 beginning violins.
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