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Rob Meronek

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On an early morning slash with the cruiser at this emotional and sorta controversial spot.

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Rob Meronek
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jmarkosen 1381070808
Tear it up! Seriously, tear it up and build something that's fun for more than 10 minutes
johnpartytime 1381072291
Have @andrew333 frontside flip out of it one last time then call it a wrap
ethernetfamous 1381072478
@jmarkosen you must not care about how special that park is to down people
meronek 1381073255
@jmarkosen that's exactly how much time I spent there ha
mr.pleshaw 1381079090
Tear it up and down already!
elijahandrewbarrett 1381085398
@johnpartytime yes
jmarkosen 1381144873
Been around since the dinosaurs roamed and never met anyone who loves Tampa Bowl (what we used to call it)
jannehatula 1385398620
You rock, dude :-)
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