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Rob Meronek

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Found some old cancelled checks from back in the Far East days. @PaulZitzer and Mike Daher were on the payroll and I have their autographs.

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Rob Meronek
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cocoabeachskatepark 1380995988
jmarkosen 1380999958
Didn't Stewart work there too?
paulzitzer 1381016023
Ha! @jmarkosen, we had to fire @mystaticlife. #sorryjosh Those were the days @meronek
meronek 1381018872
Those were the days! I remember paying Josh back investment money plus interest #sorryjosh we blew it
mystaticlife 1381029828
Water under the bridge. Even though that water is actually a river of tears, I'll get over it. You WERE the first to pay back though. But I don't remember any interest. Maybe you could resend that part of the check this week?
rollinghills_farm 1381038537
Awesome. Hahaahhaaa!! @milliganfm @mystaticlife
meronek 1381075896
Haha @mystaticlife I wonder what the interest total would be by today
mystaticlife 1381086250
Don't worry @meronek I have lawyers working on the numbers right now
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