Photo from njskateshop

Not cool

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tonyhamlin 1380870807
Hopefully BMX kids arn't to blame.
charleswilsoniv 1380884245
really wft? people dont make sense sometimes
porkrollmagician 1380886184
🔫🔪💣🔨💉kill em all
chuff_daddy 1380891652
That's fucked up
celinameehan 1380896912
That's fucked up
rah_benzz 1380902426
wtf? !
totally_sknice 1382032288
Scooters defiantly
diamondgrindcoping 1383356484
I will give you guys a pc of Diamond Grind for it if ya want. They Can't fuck it up, if they tried... @njskateshop
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