Photo from keithhufnagel

Finally Surprise packs are back @hufworldwide #waitwhat

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japn.ez 1380835594
What time is that for california its not on the website
funguyfick 1380835849
@braddahh_d are u doin it?
galactachris 1380835924
artzzzy 1380841639
rolando_14 1380851763
Where do yhu go to send the money
hailmayhem 1380853731
Have mine coming this way, good looking on bringing this back. To sick @keith_hufnagel @hufworldwide
elmuchoswago 1380855213
West coast time? @keith_hufnagel
elmuchoswago 1380855283
I'm confused, does it go from 10/3 -10/7. Or only those days.. #waitwhat
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