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Greg Lutzka

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Arto Sarri is seriously one of my favorite skaters of all time !! You don't always get to see the footage of the amount of hard work it takes to making a video part !! This is rad the extra footage got released years later !! Arto always kills it !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULEDGddgtMk

greglutzka Instagram profile picture
Greg Lutzka
ripanddip 1380689091
Damn son
tattedgrl 1380689262
kobedecneudt 1380689962
Aaaaaaauw. @greglutzka
leflurk 1380690092
inspiration for photography! he's so rad. deffinately a role model
pat_rriicckk 1380690447
No one understands how good @artofoto is. I remember skating with him at westend in pa when he was there with bam. It was unreal how big everything was done.
jasonlam_ 1380691023
It's funny when he freaks out
His one of my fav skaters of all time too ;)
v.valentcr 1380719711
Ssahrtjbvsatuwrcbn 😘
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