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James Kelch riding a 8.18" Hella Cool team deck, Thunder magnesium ultra light 147 high trucks, Bones Swiss bearings, Diamond 7/8 bolts, Spitfire Formula four 53mm wheels, Shake Junt grip. Bolts have to be under grip tape. It's a magic carpet not a car. @jameskelch

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Ronnie Creager
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burnfourever 1380687467
What are thunder magnesium ultra lights? Never heard of those
bendick 1380689241
Bolts under grip huh? @jameskelch interesting.
bumblood 1380690812
@jameskelch is creager hatin?...lol
jameskelch 1380717794
@bumblood naw! Why?
jameskelch 1380717809
@bendick yeah. Since the 80s.
ronniecreager 1380724513
Hell no @bumblood I grew up watching @jameskelch and afraid to skate EMB.
bumblood 1380724670
@ronniecreager you da man homie...love both yall...I am almost 37 and I give back to these kids cuz ol dirty taught us well...keep it going bro...you are an alltime favorite!!
hellacoolsbc 1380725978
@ronniecreager hahaha. You coulda skated anytime you wanted and I woulda clowns anyone who said otherwise. Insane ripper!
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