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"Food For Thought"

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Floyd Mayweather
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nutrichef_kalani 1443614785
So.. Broke people are trash that belong in the garbage.. Who tf is "they" that say that? Whatever helps you feel better about not helping anyone out.. They're all just rubbish afterall... If you helped them, eventually they'll just be rubbish again, because that's what rubbish does.. Frikkin rubbish.. Someone should dispose of those rubbish broke people right?.. Fk off prick.
ms_calnick 1443912704
I'm hoping ur money not Turing u in a manster @floydmayweather
blackbaby50 1444678006
@floydmayweather I disagree with you that's not true I have known has seen some people giving opportunity to come out of the gutter and became something you have to be very choosy about who you choose to help out..I will call this . Food to the brother who has made it don't never forget someone gave you a chance♡♡♡
_blk_sparrow 1444770726
farmacboy 1447397225
Bla Bla Bla bla
boxingboo 1447725220
That's not always true Money. Look at us.
cemeniru 1448293632
Absolutely right
eaparker730 1448362693
Can't relate to that never experienced it only know GOD came to save sinners & we should not judge others🙏🏿
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