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"Food For Thought"

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Floyd Mayweather
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_.lio._ 1439493579
You can trust me,I need your help and I'd appreciate it and have yo back
iceman2celtic 1440033392
Chris.iceman..real talk..thats..why..ice..cuts..hair..all..day..what..i..look..like..playin..in..trash..when..there..is..money..to..make
terepegueto 1440334502
g64357769 1441000659
you got all that $ and don't have auto correct?? SMH
c.jiajin 1442022562
You are disgusting as a human being
steve_skenderi 1442149402
He pet3 @jay_3_bhatt @philosophicthoughts
kalani_griffin 1443614785
So.. Broke people are trash that belong in the garbage.. Who tf is "they" that say that? Whatever helps you feel better about not helping anyone out.. They're all just rubbish afterall... If you helped them, eventually they'll just be rubbish again, because that's what rubbish does.. Frikkin rubbish.. Someone should dispose of those rubbish broke people right?.. Fk off prick.
ms_calnick 1443912704
I'm hoping ur money not Turing u in a manster @floydmayweather
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