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Today is a sad day. Going to bid farewell to the rarest #nikesb #dunks I own!! The #sample #unreleased #tweeds thanks @nikesb for helping me make ends meet for so many years!!!

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Cj Tambornino
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cj_tambo 1380393148
@copherlikepropr my ankles just about healed up and I gotta get my ass back out too la ASAP!!!
berrymckockiner 1380394568
Where are they going to?! Let me know il fuckin buy em!
cj_tambo 1380395450
@shade_darker haha 50 bucks and there yours for 30 min
cj_tambo 1380395516
@berrymckockiner a homie in mpls I don't sell outta state
shade_darker 1380395698
@cj_tambo lol
slowly763 1380396500
chilidog206 1380397496
Dang! I got those in 8.5 and been sitting in the box. How much you get for them pups. I gotta follow suit.
grippmore 1380409250
Dunk sb's are fucking OG skate shoes
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