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Greg Lutzka

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One thing about traveling is the Jet lag ✈️ Holly cow still being on California time and not slept yet tonight here in Africa. It's already 5:30am after laying in bed for hours . Do I just get the day started or what at this point . Skating should be interesting today haha . πŸ™‰βŒšοΈπŸ’€ @Kimberleydiamondcup

greglutzka Instagram profile picture
Greg Lutzka
tay00tay__ 1380339153
Start the day!
yoshinurijumi 1380339178
Jet lag is the worse. Be safe @greglutzka Skate safe....you gotta do work!!!!
japa_skateboard 1380340316
Skate all day @greglutzka !!
davebachinsky 1380344324
@markinhojappa heck yes shred!! @greglutzka
Gotta arrive a few days early for that reason..
sunnigranville 1380348247
@greglutzka get at me, I'll keep you entertained while you're jet lagged!
ryandecenzo 1380352345
Classic Africa travel scenario @greglutzka
richo.con 1380372817
Congrats on that S.K.A.T.E vs ^^^^^ @greglutzka
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