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Crazy collection. If you happen to be in Kansas ease go visit.

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daveshupe 1380243289
That's one hell of a collection. Where in Kansas? My step brother lives in Kansas he'd love to see that place.
sunsetwhit 1380243358
@gashuffer 18 years born and raised! Yep, Kansas girl gone coastal!
brawnybuilt 1380244666
Highlight of the day!
ba_moto 1380245125
Where you guys at now
gashuffer 1380245614
@ba_moto in hell Kansas
gashuffer 1380245759
@daveshupe hit the location tag. It will give you the pin.
ba_moto 1380245858
So that's where hell is??
daveshupe 1380247019
Oh, thanks. Didn't know I could do that. Who says you can't teach am old dog new tricks? :-D
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