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Paul Rodriguez

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I❤skateboarding!! Photo by @mritzema

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Paul Rodriguez
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brb.im.moshing 1386906298
Hi i ♥ you ok bye
thrasher.c0m 1388808738
Most people say that they want to become professional but they wouldn't do what I'm willing to do because all i want to be is a professional skater and would do anything because you inspire me @prod84. I have a very long way to go but i could do it because of you!
king.carloss 1397512826
@prod84 is the one who got me into skateing and I am not going to stop till I turn out like him
emily.mckenna 1401066546
Dat huirrr. @amaynemoore
_cinthiad 1402118955
I love you
missamandaga 1407159113
♡♡ your just perfect
niffy___ 1412477532
That sweat on your chest is in the shape of a heart...sexy lol
_larabell_ 1426894442
You ❤️
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