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Is this not the most beautiful axe you have laid eyes on? My buddy Graeme Cameron @basecampx made these super limited and highly functional hand made designs for @civilware if you are interested in checking further or just want to see the video; head over to civilware.co for the goods. #builtforservice #civilware #solid #heavy #practical

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Geoff Rowley
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georgeellias 1380187034
I'm going camping this weekend. I always burn my wood where I find it. None of that store bought crap. One time this guy couldn't get a fire started for a long time, I got it started in less than five minutes. You can bet I got the girls that night.
georgeellias 1380187167
Nothing wrong with "the store bought crap" I was just talking saying. #makesomethingoutofnothing #barenecessities Fine axe.
dannywainwright 1380323562
habgood74 1380324323
@dannywainwright @geoffrowley HAS GOOD TASTE.
dannywainwright 1380324780
This looks amazing! @habgood74 @geoffrowley
geoffrowley 1380325310
Thanks Danny. These things are top-knotch quality. @dannywainwright
That's real sick @geoffrowley what abouts do they cost
zodiaceng 1417506212
Base Camp stuff is dialed!
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