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Max Schaaf

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It's always an honor and a blast to be a part of the Brooklyn invitational bike show. Never get enough time to talk to people or soak it all in. Thanks to @johncopelandstudio @keinocycles @jeffreymschad you guys always make it such a welcome experience. @manboywolf @chrismumma @dayzze thanks for getting this old man out on the hateboard. @joekingspeedshop sorry I slapped you. @sebastianrebta2 my shirt was tucked in all day today.

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Max Schaaf
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sonofuhbeach 1380132354
Prob the deepest bathroom line convo I've taken part in ha.
4q69 1380135020
@denver_dan always. @elrayabeyta you rule, thanks so much! @sebastianrebta2 we laughed we cried.... Love u
heavyclothing 1380138443
Good seein you man
Bros Nest!!
4q69 1380219423
@heavyritual always good to see ya. @oblivioussurroundings our new bar name.
oldsoulmotoco_vdc 1380308554
So much fun so little time
a.j._herold 1380472415
@4q69 just for the record the roads still suck over here : your friend #mongoloid
bradjennings666 1381640068
miss u already
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