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Bryan Herman

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@hannydee why is scooby ignoring you? What an ass hole

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Bryan Herman
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king_jewlian 1379973927
Damn grumpy head ass I wasn't trying to offend you I was simply telling you a simple none offensive comment @___herbivore @___herbivore
siixstringer 1379980006
@cereal_killa626 sure kid, stay in school
king_jewlian 1379981726
Haha kill yo self @___herbivore
siixstringer 1379982179
@cereal_killa626 butt hurt?
king_jewlian 1379987173
Goodnight foo see you tomorrow @___herbivore
siixstringer 1379995788
@cereal_killa626 shoot thru, I'll be posted
king_jewlian 1379999050
Fersure Ill bring the fat bitches @___herbivore
dranocat 1381417242
Stripes is straight dreaming about you tho. What a little creep haha cheers to dank photo bombs
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