Photo from mccranker

We love you Santa Fe!

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artraffle 1379917357
It's in the air! Fire up the kiln! @ted_zeppelin @pogogogo
pogogogo 1379918213
Yessssss! ❤️NM @ted_zeppelin @artraffle
cairofoster 1379944017
@mccranker you still in Santa Fe. I'm here till Wednesday. Let's hang.
notlacoste 1379947649
Damn. That's COOL
johnstew 1379950646
NicePicMcRick ! @mccranker
edotses 1379957107
My home!
lee_buodolo 1379976363
I love you too @madame_guacamole!! Xxxx
gorbeanyo 1379982414
Artsy mang!
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