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When I was a kid all I could think about was what it would be like to be a part of the #thebonesbrigade! I knew deep down inside that if I could get #stacyperalta to recognize me the way he'd recognized @steviecab @lancemountain @tommyguerrero @tonyhawk @mikemcgill & #rodneymullen that I could be somebody in skateboarding and somebody in life. And one day sure enough thanks to my dear friend and #skateboarding icon #steviecaballero Stacy did! That one day changed my whole life and set me on a path and a journey that I could never have imagined! There is a long story to fill in the gap between that day and the day this photo was taken which will be told another time. The day this photo was taken by @lukeogden was the day that I got sponsored by @realskateboards in 1990 at the time #realskateboards was still experimenting with deck construction and skateboards were still not silk screened from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Graphics were still only screened in the middle because this was when the nose of skateboards evolved into the design that we ride today. I got my first deck handed to me by @tommyguerrero at a mini ramp contest in San Jose and it was used and Gator was there. So when I got on the team the only thing the company produced was t shirts and stickers. In 89/90 I was up in SF skating around daily or as often as I could with @jimthiebaud and #tommyguerrero we'd start up in the avenues and skate spots all the way down to #emb #justinhermanplaza and finally go to Studio 43 to cap the day off on the mini-ramp. This was one of those days. I'm wearing an original long sleeve #realskateboards oval logo #tshirt which I still have. There are lots of little stories and feeling intertwined in these old images that will be told at later date. This #tbt #throwbackthursday is dedicated to all the people who've made a significant difference in my life and to those who are making a difference in the lives of young #skateboarders today! #thankyouskateboarding #thankyou Stacy, Cab, Lance, Tommy, Jim Thiebaud, Jeff Klindt RIP, Fausto RIP, Swenson RIP, Jim Fitzpatrick and so many more #skateboarding #throwbackthursday βœŒβ€πŸ•#sanfrancisco #frisco

salman_agah Instagram profile picture
Salman Agah
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jam_smash 1379616640
Amazing story
kallesodergren 1379618053
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
saiz5412 1379618414
Thanks for sharing!! Crazy good story!!
roguewavess 1379621566
@salman_agah much respect my friend
jenn7clem 1379625471
spaceunator 1379645217
Cool story son
_wyattlee 1379658142
Love everything about this- the trick, the gear, the era, the story. Real skateboarding, no pun intended. Thanks for the inspiration since way back, Sal. True influence.
steviecab 1380038272
Your welcome brotha, love your drive, motivation, dedication a inspiration my friend.... Keep it up!
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