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Salman Agah

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No time for losers cause we are the champions of the world! - Freddie Mercury @thrashermag #kotr challenge is not for the faint of heart. BIG congratulations to the @birdhouseskateboards crew for wearing the crown this year! You all killed it! Lastly I was so stoked to host the awards @pizzanista Can't thank everyone on the tour and especially my family at High Speed productions for picking #pizzanista for the place to announce the winners! ❤✌🍕 #thrasherkotr2013 #skateboarding BIG UPS to #justinbrock of @realskateboards and @chocolateskateboards @raventershy #skateorpie #phonypizzamaniahasbittenthedust

salman_agah Instagram profile picture
Salman Agah
rickyflipsk8 1379568940
softpawkitteh 1379569267
Congrats team birdhouse!!
richievaldez 1379569454
Hell yeah Salman!! Thanks for having us
matadora 1379570333
Congrats love
You're the best! We appreciate it!
lurkmode49 1379581015
That's skate roots love!!!!!!!
streethandle 1379591828
True king of the road. Congrats @birdhouseskateboards
anthonych24 1379594839
They got Raybourn and Jaws, 2 of the biggest beasts.
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