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Liz Daley

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Check out my first episode of #TheDaleySplitter on @epictvadventure! Sooooo stooooked! http://www.epictv.com/media/podcast/epic-alpine-chamonix-splitter-routes-%7C-the-daley-splitter-with-liz-daley-ep-1/248637

liz_daley Instagram profile picture
Liz Daley
fitosm 1379504931
brianmulvi 1379515558
Very cool to watch Liz. Hope to see more.
chuckychompson 1379523819
Just watched that jizz daley. So sick you going to have more coming out this winter
liz_daley 1379532327
Thanks guys!! @chuckychompson thanks for the call out lol. Oh, you'll be seein more that's fo sho! Miss you!
chuckychompson 1379537204
Well I can't wait to watch it. That climb u were on is cray cray. I would be shitting my pants
chuckychompson 1379537249
Miss u as well have fun and be safe this winter
liz_daley 1383610416
#dirtbagdarling #outdoorwomen
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