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Dan MacFarlane

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Hand stand sculpture ride tonight

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Dan MacFarlane
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high_fivers 1379616961
Hell yea MacFarleezy plz send that rob@pushdistribution.com
danmacfarlane 1379618287
Thanks @high_fivers these are fun. I just saw your line. It's good. Alex Gall "trainwreck" in the background. Really captures our sessions back then. Sending soon. It will be coming from WeTransfer. Should take 30 minutes or less
high_fivers 1379619409
Awesome man, THANK YOU!
danmacfarlane 1379619409
@high_fivers I just made a little edit of it with both of us. I'll post it on my Facebook page, and also send to you. Pure skateboarding.
high_fivers 1379619684
Ok sick! I'm not on FB tho.... That's some bullshit
danmacfarlane 1379620830
@high_fivers haha many times I wish I wasn't on FB. I need to free up some space on my MAC before I send it to you... Working on it. Should delay me an hour or so. But you'll get it today. Your line is good: we were skating those low ledges in SD. You did Nollie crooked grind, kickflip, backside Tailslide, 360 flip.
high_fivers 1379620901
Siiiiick can't wait thanks again my man
danmacfarlane 1379621444
I also filmed your face at the end of the line really well. You had bleached hair. @high_fivers
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