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One of my best friends on earth and one of the greatest children's author of all time, @dallasclayton shot by me at @dstrct 9.16.13 #secretproject

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_ofmitchandmen 1379422685
Whoops. the Big Cat joke has already been taken… that's a Shame
gregadeth 1379460829
@steveberra I just read his book that you gave to @michaelpauljones to mikes son the other night. Good stuff!
muckmouth 1379569543
@steveberra hey man, any progress on the Muckmouth interview?
jojo_xoxohearts 1379704333
Hey i have a froend whos been deppressed for a couple of years now her familys tried everything to make her happy . Shes a big fan of yours i wAs wondering if u can just write to her im sure it would mean a lot to her coming from u .
jojo_xoxohearts 1379704360
Her insta name is bryronyindie
ginaribisi 1379874478
Inspirational day! Really nice Steve!
daphnewayans 1380287598
skatajohn96 1380993253
Looks like the pfaff brothers lol @steveberra
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