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Shane Oneill

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Shane Oneill
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julian_getz 1379993671
Ur run and gun was so fucking good ur my fav skater ever I look up to u when I skate @shanejoneill
micahsmith_805 1381853866
@b1ackflag look what this pro is skating. The same thunders I have
organikjake 1387251057
What size board you ride? @shanejoneill
gorkapaskual 1391549506
Shane where can I get that NikeSB sticker? Please answer! :D
_reydelgado 1392603400
@zach_skate910 😍😍😍😍
yung_bucket 1392603514
Could u PLEASE like my videos or pics? U liked my friends and I'm the only one of my friends that hasn't gotten my stuff liked by a pro! I hVe ur videos downloaded on my phone dude u fucking rip @shanejoneill
ianjohnson77 1397700726
@gorkapaskual sorry man but he isn't going to answer. Go on to nike.com and see if they have any for sale. If they don't, send a short email and ask for a few. Sometimes they will reply.
gorkapaskual 1397723860
@ianjohnson77 thanks:)
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