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I can remember the day I met @bill_pepper , he was hauling ass at Ft. Miley in SF heelfliping the entire pyramid to flat. These were the days when Justin Herman Plaza was the center of the #skateboarding universe, though no one knew it yet. The day I met #billypepper he had LOVE spray painted across his griptape from the tip of his board's nose to the tip of the tail. At the time Billy worked at a hospice changing old folks diapers as they awaited they're day to go be with the lord. It was evident in Bill's smile that's always been from ear to ear that he's full of goodness, passion, a little piss a little vinegar and lots of did I mention #love. I can't remember a time that we skated together over the years where Bill wasn't pushing me and everyone else to be their best while skating and to do the right thing when not. He can still do 360 flips on command and I bet he can still kickflip any pyramid! I'm just really happy I got to see my old friend! Today we visited Billy at his home and we even got to meet his wife, little boy & his mom. What a treat! Life is short let the people you love know it. #skateboarding #napa #ninetiesskateboarding #swimbuddy #skateboarder βœŒβ€πŸ•

salman_agah Instagram profile picture
Salman Agah
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codi_coyote 1379391084
I remember being still in high school and jamming with u billy Dave and greens all night. Stoked on this photo ma bro
michael_ok 1379392240
Wow~Bill Pepper ! Element Underworld.
mauro_lips 1379395798
Just who did not know skateboard history can't remember @bill_pepper ... Great pic @salman_agah
robwiller 1379415994
Legend! My first real board was the Bill Pepper 'fever' board circa 94/95? Nice to hear he is a nice guy as well as an awesome skater.
222strosnider 1379419016
dburger17 1379438546
Really cool to read this, from what I used to read in mags I had Avery different image of him. Sounds like a good dude
giveyousomemo 1380344430
Best captions the smiles tell stories to be told
da9mafia 1403668499
Damn a true legend @bill_pepper one of the guys I looked up to when I was sk8ing
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