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Rob Meronek

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I'm at the Perry Harvey Park/Bro Bowl update meeting and ran into this passionate pair, Edwin and Tito from Team Pain. I'm not interested enough anymore to have an opinion on the Bro Bowl staying or going. I'm just watching from the sidelines and getting nice future daddy advice here. I hope it goes however you want it to go, ya'll. Good luck.

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Rob Meronek
jprrrrrrrr 1379376152
couple of rad dudes right there. @titoporrata
iankorenek 1379376927
Ur there . Gotta be a little interested ? @meronek
iankorenek 1379376973
Thanks for fighting the good fight !!! @titoporrata
meronek 1379381196
Yeah @iankorenek it's my backyard, a little interested but I'm all good however it turns out.
iankorenek 1379387277
R u gonna be dad ? If so congrats !!! @meronek
meronek 1379412361
Thanks @iankorenek baby coming in December, I'm hyped!
theaziangoddess 1379440386
Congrats on the blessing of your new addition @meronek Hope you and Brittney cherish all the joys and laughter being a parent brings! Good luck! Happy for you!
meronek 1379518113
@theaziangoddess thanks!!
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