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Paul Rodriguez

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Paul Rodriguez
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alejandroxvii 1379380771
amrevizee 1379399738
Hey Paul I know you got like millions of fans and stuff but it would be really cool to just hang out with you for one day just me and you. 2 and a half years ago I was going to get sponsored by volcom and they wanted me to go out to the beach for a week to go skate with them. My parents said no cuz of school so I stopped skateboarding..it was the stupidest decision ever..here I am 2 and a half years later starting to skate again it's been a month now.. It's always been a dream of mine to meet you. Here's my # just in case you have anytime for a kid like me 7148838154 I live in la habra ca and I'd love to just hang and chill and skate. @prod84
therealmrk 1379551903
Quitting skateboarding is the worst decision ever if you have some thing going for you been there done that @m1k_rival
amrevizee 1379554972
Yeah I really regret it still trying to recover all my tricks @therealmrk
nicovillarino 1380420069
Ur a doofus @m1k_rival
muhdelffie 1382147750
shut up la @bico_villarino
And hella sick @prod84
jenna__valenti 1389583828
HELLA @that_blondie_lexi
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