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#gettinmurrayd @mitzikat @kevinhockin @mariellen_olson last nights crew

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upallnight2getlucky 1379280025
I'm a new Xfactor USA contestant named Vice from #wildthingz la auditions. Would love to Rock some if your gear on the show... my audition should be airing this week. let me know if you'd like to work together. -Vice
aaronputnam 1379280227
Looking fresh huf.
f3u1p3 1379282122
#respect #represents 💥👌
jayvp77 1379285949
Yo @kevinhockin are you and @keith_hufnagel holding hands bro?.
kevinhockin 1379286018
@jayvp77 yo. Totally BRO.
jayvp77 1379286115
No Bromo @kevinhockin .
buffet_belly 1379291586
Nah it's just that gay brush touch of hands broke back mountain shit right there
brandon.too.tan 1383278911
That's my moms friends daughters friend, Joanna
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