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One of my biggest influences is @jeremy_wray he single-handedly changed street skateboarding. He was the first to really catch flips along with the first to hit up larger than average rails, hubbas and gaps. So much respect. πŸ‘Š #battlecommander

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Geoff Rowley
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joshpicker 1379038690
I was watching a 1990s @jeremy_wray part recently, and it occurred to me that, other than pant size, there was nothing to distinguish it from a part that was filmed last week - the skating is just that gnarly. It's hard to say that about many 15 year old skate videos.
mac_in_scotland 1379040898
@jeremy_wray in S.H.S changed skateboarding for me! πŸ”₯πŸ‘Š
hipstervision 1379045988
Water tower to water tower gap. All that needs to be said. Ever.
mini_logo 1379047587
luthipher 1379048059
@jamesraybranch you speak of the one that was right by HB park in shopping center? @tempster_returns and the long curb was fun slightly downhill
shayan703 1379052712
thestufry 1379284015
Ummmmmmm??? Did I somehow miss this??? Or is it not out yet!! @jeremy_wray #myfavoriteskaterofalltime #legend
david_dakin 1402458559
Geoff I hope you read this; what you said about Jeremy is so true! But my question is, as a legend, do you really realize what YOU did in skateboarding and how people see you now?
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