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Frontside Smith Grind on the 7 foot at The Skate Park of Houston, 1989. It had the BEST coping for grinds! This was around the time the classic Santa Cruz video "Speed Freaks" was filmed on this ramp. Look up "Rob Roskopp Speed Freaks" on YouTube to see him skating it. #skateparkofhouston #skatepark #smithgrind #airwalkshoes #prodesignedpads #rectorpads #danmacfarlane #shutupandskate #skateordie #1989 @pennington

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Dan MacFarlane
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stupidshitinhouston 1379017506
...... Daaang Tina, you got that locked up like a serial killa!!!!!! Nice capture..... I can still hear that growl!
i_eat_concrete 1379021589
8 ft trannys? Looksc
i_eat_concrete 1379021601
Looks perfect
danmacfarlane 1379022188
@stupidshitinhouston what? Haha. Are you talking about that girl in the corner? I have another photo with a clear shot of her
danmacfarlane 1379022277
@tones73 yes 8ft transitions and 7 feet tall. Super fun.
stupidshitinhouston 1379027137
..... @danmacfarlane funny but no, it's all you sick smith, but yea I see Betty back there
danmacfarlane 1379038619
New photo coming tomorrow @stupidshitinhouston
danmacfarlane 1379254323
@stupidshitinhouston I posted a clear picture of her where I'm doing a lien to tail
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