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Nyjah Huston

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Guess what trick i just filmed on the ledge for a Trickipedia­čśĆ @chaseingabor @berrics

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Nyjah Huston
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zturp 1379121786
That was fun
eddieehua 1379184168
Back 180 nosegrind switch front 180 out
troychipsahoy 1379302999
Can u please please please come to CT??? I need to meet you!!!!! not trying to seem creepy @nyjah_huston
imtida75 1379381334
Trey flip k grind shuv it out
syzwn_nur 1379415610
Kickflip to nose grind @nyjah_huston
syzwn_nur 1379415632
Hardflip to 5-0 @nyjah_huston
lucius_firmin 1379548669
Switch kickflip backside tail side to pop shuv out
benn_drinkwater 1384313015
tre-flip to krooked grind
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