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Paul Rodriguez

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At the the @berrics skating with the fellas, @chaseingabor and @yoonicorn213 #shlonglens #berrics #skateboarding

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Paul Rodriguez
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gor_aleksanyan7 1379703962
Did you leave plan b?? Go to element!! @prod84
_tastysour 1380051942
@what is that camera? Name of botk of em?
_tastysour 1380051962
e_rod____ 1380248503
You're the best skateboarder in the world
brook_gray11 1381550126
Paul dude I started skating a year ago and it was because I saw u I started skating wen I lost my grandma just like you did recently I look up to u so much I only watch your trick tips and videos I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and I always pray before I go and skate just like you your an amazing role model thank you so much for helping me make the person I am today and I'm praying for both our grandmas up in heaven😇
scott2friesen 1381981668
@brook_gray11 where did u find his trick tips
maxp123456 1382339113
There's an app called Tso skate @brook_gray11
_k.w_26 1386548363
Position of the camera.....
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